How to install Virtualbox on Xubuntu

Virtualbox is probably the most popular virtualization platform on any operating system, it's free and easy to use. Fortunately, installing virtualbox on xubuntu is pretty easy.

How to install curl on Xubuntu

cURL is one the most important tool for web developer in my opinion, specially if you are a backend developer, because using curl you can analyze data transfer from various of protocol on the command line.

How to install Apache web server on Xubuntu 16.04

You are going to need a web server if you want to create website locally, one of the best web server is apache, in this tutorial i will show you how to install apache web server on xubuntu 16.04.

How to install Opera browser on Xubuntu

Maybe you are a web developer who needs to test web application on different web browser (or you just someone who needs more than one web browser), you might want to add opera on your computer.

How to install C/C++ Compiler on Xubuntu

If you are a C or C++ programmer you are going to need to install C/C++ compiler on your machine, so that you can compile and run your C/C++ source code.

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Xubuntu

Xubuntu comes with firefox as the default web browser, unlike google chrome, firefox does not have a built-in adobe flash plugin player, in fact not just firefox, but other browser such as opera and chromium also lack of this feature.

How to install Chromium browser on Xubuntu

Besides google chrome, you can also install chromium on xubuntu for your web browser, in fact you can have both running at the same time on xubuntu, they basically different web browser.

How to install Google Chrome on Xubuntu

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browser in the universe, but it's not available on xubuntu by default, so you need to download from google website and install it on your xubuntu if you want to use it.