Xubuntu 16.04 quick review

Xubuntu 16.04 xenial xerus is my first time ever, i use xubuntu, previously (and still) i have lubuntu on my laptop and ubuntu on my desktop pc, so this is the first time i ever i experience with xubuntu.

Xubuntu 16.04 turn out to be the fastest ubuntu flavor that runs on my laptop, from the installation wizard i can tell already it's faster than lubuntu 16.04, and when booting for the first time also it is nice and smooth.

I'm not sure if xubuntu can runs on very old machine like lubuntu did, but for sure xubuntu runs very smoothly on my acer laptop with intel core 2 duo CPU, 4GB of RAM and onboard GPU.

One thing i really love about xubuntu over lubuntu is the file browser or file manager is much better, faster and easier to use, and also the image viewer is great, you can go through all images quick and easy.

The main different of between xubuntu and lubuntu in terms of desktop, is that on xubuntu everything is on top, start menu and desktop panel are on top, much like mac os style, while lubuntu is windows style where everything is on bottom.

That's not a big problem, but for someone coming from windows, i think it will be much easier to use lubuntu than xubuntu, i guess that's something to think about if you are a windows user and want to completely switch from windows to linux.

Overall i really like xubuntu and i will write articles, tutorials, tips tricks about xubuntu on this blog, so please come back after i have a lot of posts in this blog. Thanks

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