How to install Vagrant on Xubuntu

Vagrant is a great tool for creating local development machine, the machine can easily create, destroy and then recreate again with just command line. 

Vagrant is one of the tool for devops, you definitely want this on your xubuntu if you are a devops or some one who responsible for operations in the software development team.

To install vagrant on xubuntu is pretty easy, all you have to do is run this simple command
sudo apt-get install vagrant

Vagrant can't work alone, vagrant is a wrapper around virtual machine, by default vagrant works with virtualbox as the virtual machine provider, therefore you need also install virtualbox if you want to play with vagrant.
sudo apt-get install virtualbox

List of vagrant commands

the command what for?
boxmanages boxes: installation, removal, etc.
destroy stops and deletes all traces of the vagrant machine
global-status outputs status Vagrant environments for this user
halt stops the vagrant machine
help shows the help for a subcommand
initinitializes a new Vagrant environment by creating a Vagrantfile
login log in to HashiCorp's Atlas
package packages a running vagrant environment into a box
plugin manages plugins: install, uninstall, update, etc.
port displays information about guest port mappings
powershell connects to machine via powershell remoting
provision provisions the vagrant machine
push deploys code in this environment to a configured destination
rdp connects to machine via RDP
reload restarts vagrant machine, loads new Vagrantfile configuration
resume resume a suspended vagrant machine
snapshot manages snapshots: saving, restoring, etc.
ssh connects to machine via SSH
ssh-config outputs OpenSSH valid configuration to connect to the machine
status outputs status of the vagrant machine
suspend suspends the machine
up starts and provisions the vagrant environment
version prints current and latest Vagrant version

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